5 Ways to Get the Most Time on the Beach this Year (2021)

5 Ways to Get the Most Time on the Beach this Year (2021)

So you’re planning a beach vacation to Panama City Beach, FL and you want to get the most time you can get on the beach without hauling everything back and forth, right? Well here are 5 ways for you to get more time on the sand on your next vacation.

  1. Location, Location, Location! As the old saying goes, location is everything on the beach. We’ve taken the guesswork out of figuring out the best place to go. WeBeach fire panama city beach have multiple locations to choose from, the beach behind Schooners, the beach at Hang Five, or behind your private beach house! These locations allow you to have a bathroom that’s close as well as food and drinks!


2. Number two is pretty essential, H2O! The sun can really take it out of you, we know that from experience. Ice cold water on a hot July day can be a lifesaver. Our team uses reusable water bottles to make sure that we are hydrated and doing our part in keeping Panama City Beach clean! 

Beach Tent

3. Use Sunscreen! Shade is a big one for us… Getting back from the beach to find that you’re bright red and everything hurts can really put a dent in your vacation. Of course, you should always wear sunscreen if you’re going to be spending time in the sun. We recommend at least an SPF 50 for the hot Florida sun! You can always book a tent with us and stay cool all day long!

4. Food is important if you’re going to be on the beach all day too! We always pack fruit and pub subs (Publix Subs) to stay cool and to keep the stomach gremlins from turning us into hangry beasts. Of course, you can always walk up and grab a bite to eat from Schooners or Hang Five if you don’t feel like packing food!

5. Friends & Family! What’s a day on the beach if you’re not with friends or family? Beach days are best forDate Night beach fire panama city beach creating those memories that everyone will hold onto for years to come! Wrangle up everyone and head to the beach for an epic vacation!



We want to remind everyone to pay attention to the beach flag warning system and check the flags before they get in the water! You can get up-to-date flag warnings by clicking HERE.


As always, stay safe, stay hydrated, and enjoy your time here in Panama City Beach – and remember, it’s not your beach, just your turn. Clean up after yourself and keep the beach looking spectacular for everyone else! See you on the beach!


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